Setting up accounts and systems for AP/AR are of utmost importance to keep any business operating in the black.  Ensuring a solid system with checks and balances​ gives you control as you can customize how you pull reports, track spending/inventory, and more.  

  • Payroll Setup & Maintenance

  • Preparing, Sending, & Reconciling Invoices

  • Bookkeeping & Receipt Organization

  • Setting Up Ledgers, Quickbooks & other Budgeting Tools

  • Costing, Setting Up Metrics

  • Tracking P&L Metadata


Seen as the driving force in business, this important sector is how you will set yourself apart from others.  The times of social media have made this both more important, and as accessible as ever.  We can help you navigate the nuances of the social media platforms, as well as keep it old school by writing copy for newsletters or blogs. 

  • Social Media Content & Management

  • Marketing and Branding

  • Website Creation & Maintenance

  • Original Copy for Adverts, Newsletters or Website Blogs

Marketing & Communication

  • Scheduling Setup based on Labor Percentages

  • Inventory Set Up 

  • Customizing Order Guides

  • Appointment Setting/Oversight of   Equipment Maintenance

  • Assistance with Permit Applications

  • Setting up CRM Programs 

  • Organizing & Managing Employee Files

  • Hiring Assistance with Posting Ads, Pre-Screening, and Setting Interviews

Administration & Human Resources

Additional Specialties

  • Building Comprehensive Spreadsheets Including Formulas to Auto-Populate Large Amounts of Data Easily

  • Event Planning & Catering Management

  • In-depth Coffee & Espresso Training for Baristas and Cafe Management

  • Menu Planning

  • Cafe Build-Out Setup & Flow

  • Workspace Flow/Organization

À la Carte Admin

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