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Demimonde Boutique

You may wonder what a boutique selling local jewelry, textiles and candles has to do with food.

I first met Rachael more than a decade ago when she was the wine buyer and lead bartender for Toro Bravo restaurant, and I was only part-time administrative help. She was making art and jewelry on the side at that point, and the servers at Toro were probably her biggest clientele as every one of them had at least one pair of earrings that they sported on the regular. I first fell in love with her paintings, as my ex's roommate had a couple hanging in the house, and it was only a matter of time before I had my own collection of her handmade pieces.

When the owners of Toro Bravo got married, my gift to them as their maid of honor was to hand write all of the envelopes for the wedding invitations in my natural cursive scrawl. This ended up being quite the undertaking, and I spent several late nights sitting at Rachael's bar sipping Rioja while I painstakingly wrote out envelopes and tried to not fuck up on the expensive stationary.

It was also Rachael's bar that I turned to when said ex and I split up.

While you may not think of jewelry as a thing that connects people, I'm here to tell you that you're dead wrong. There have been numerous times around Portland in which I've connected with people when spotting Rachael's signature style with her Demimonde line. Once was my server at Little Bird. Another time was at a friend's wedding, when I finally met her childhood best friend after years of hearing about her, and I stopped mid sentence and asked, "Are you wearing Demimonde earrings??" There was also the exciting moment when one of her necklaces was spotted on comedy queen Kristen Wiig on an episode of Riding in Cars with Celebrities Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld.

Good food and style go hand in hand. It's why we go to great lengths to take food pictures at just the right angle, or add a garnish to make a drink more attractive. It's human nature to want to both produce and consume beauty - and Demimonde has me drinking out of the palm of its hand.

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