Sarah Garrison is the rare type of person who genuinely enjoys spreadsheets, putting efficient and functional systems in place, and has always been drawn to the consistent challenge that comes along with managing operations and logistics. Her knack for organization and understanding business operations is what led her to create À la Carte Admin. Now able to bring her varied skill set to business owners across Portland, she most enjoys optimizing work flow, editing websites, and creating thought out and functional spreadsheets


Sarah’s work experience reaches far and wide, as she likes to both stay busy and learn new things. In her teen years in Alaska, she worked for the local school district for multiple departments.  Her early to mid twenties were spent as both a banker and a barista, often juggling the two at the same time.  In 2008 she fell into the restaurant crowd, and earned her keep with barista skills that thrilled, such as her famed Fire Breathing Dragon latte.  Sarah has now worked with several handfuls of Portland's hottest chefs and restaurateurs, as well as set up new cafes in Las Vegas and along the west coast.  


When not perfecting her latte art or organizing and implementing systems that help businesses reach a state of flow, Sarah likes to focus on her personal passions of health, weight training, and clothing design.

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